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Simple 3D vector plotting

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Itun on 1 Mar 2012
Commented: Stefanos on 14 Dec 2022
I need to make a 3D drawing.
3D drawing consists of:
1 vectors,
2 lines,
3 arcs for angle between two vectors or lines vector,
4 vector, line, arc labels.
Label requirements:
1 Greek symbols (phi, alpha, theta, ...)
2 showing a fraction ability (phi/2)
3 font style such as italic, bold, ...
Can somebody write a snippet of code for me, because I am newbie at matlab, it will be very helpful? Can you please write a code which display two 3D vectors with labels (letter and low index) and angle between them (arc with label "phi/2"). Thanks in advance.

Answers (1)

Patrick Kalita
Patrick Kalita on 8 Mar 2012
You're asking quite a lot there. Here are a few functions that will get you going in the right direction:
  • For drawing vectors in 3D, you'll probably want to use quiver3. The x, y, and z inputs represent where you want the base of the vector to be drawn and the u, v, and w inputs represent the three components of the vector.
  • For drawing straight lines and arcs use line. See the documentation for examples of how to use it.
  • For adding labels use text. Again, the documentation has useful examples.
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Stefanos on 14 Dec 2022
How can I draw a single 3d vector. Cause quiver 3 gives multiple vectors in the 3d plane

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