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Induction machine model with saturation

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Armin Lensker
Armin Lensker on 10 Nov 2016
Hi! ;)
I'm currently running a simulation of an induction machine using the Simulink add-in "PLECS". Don't worry, I don't have technical questions concerning this add-in, it's all about modeling. The original model was the standard T-equivalent circuit with constant elements (inductances, resistances etc.). I modified the model to take saturation into account: So I replaced the main inductance with a saturable inductor and I created a lookup table to determine the instantaneous value of the main inductance for further calculations (torque, flux linkages etc.). In addition to that, I modified the model in a way that I can force the machine to run at a certain speed. And here's the problem: When I start a simulation under no-load conditions (rotor speed omega_mech = 2*pi*f_1/polepairs) and in the nonlinear operating range of the main inductance, torque and rotor currents are NOT equal to zero! But under no-load conditions these quantities should be zero! These quantities become zero when I start a simulation with very small main flux linkage (so that the main inductance works in the linear operating range). Does anyone have experience in modeling induction machines and could help me?
Kind regards, Armin

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