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Kinect Xbox 360 on Matlab R2016b

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I'm trying to connect a Kinect for Xbox 360 to Matlab R2016b; I've installed the hardware support package for the Kinect and the Kinect SDK v. 1.6: in this way Matalb can recognize the Kinect and the two cameras but I can't set, for example, the Skeletal Tracking. I've installed also OpenNI 2 and PrimeSense NITE; in this way my pc should see the Kinect for Xbox 360 as the Kinect V1. Will it work with a previous version of Matlab that uses drivers for Kinect V1 (R2013a for example)? Thanks.
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Gunalan Lakshmanan
Gunalan Lakshmanan on 25 Jan 2017
I'm trying to connect a Kinect for Xbox 360 to Matlab R2016b. There is no device properties like Skeletal tracking,Tracking mode etc., As you said @Andrea Frascella if I install OpenNI 2 and PrimeSense NITE, Can the MATLab see the kinect xbox360 as the kinect v1? Please clarify my doubt.Thanks

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Prasad Mendu
Prasad Mendu on 22 Nov 2016
MATLAB does not offer support for Kinect for xbox 360. The hardware supported page just makes mention of Kinect v2 and Kinect for Windows v1.

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