Error in the output of the stateflow

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Tania Izquierdo
Tania Izquierdo on 3 Dec 2016
I got this error for the state flow.
For Stateflow chart locals and outputs, a full assignment is needed even if the type/size/complexity has been fully specified in the Model Explorer. You can leave out a full assignment for structure types as long as the type is fully specified in the Model Explorer as "Bus: typename" and not left inherited or parameterized.
I don't know how to fix it.
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Gautam on 5 Jan 2017
Hi Tania,
There might be multiple reasons why this error could have occurred. You might have used a particular variable in an assignement statement(for ex: a = a+1) without initialising 'a', or you might have defined a variable that is outside the scope of the a particular chart/state. It would help if you could share a simple model where you can observe the error, so that the issue can be debugged further.

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Prabhakaran thirugnanam
Prabhakaran thirugnanam on 10 Oct 2018
Hi Tania, You mentioned that you've provided the "type/size/complexity"... Please enter the other fields too. (for ex: Initial Value )

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