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How do I completely remove a Simulink project reference from MATLAB?

Asked by Chris Hack on 27 Dec 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Chris Hack on 30 Jun 2017
I'm using R2016A and I would like to be able to remove a Simulink project in MATLAB but it turns out that it seems virtually impossible to do so. Here's the situation:
I created a project from a model that referenced C source code outside of the directory where the project was located. This resulted in the project being placed the root directory of my main code storage space, which means that I can't create new separate projects in folders that would be at the same directory level or even a couple of levels up from the actual Simulink model location. I've tried deleting the .prj project file, but the "create project from model" option isn't available in any model that's within the main directory structure. The only option is to open the project, at which time the .prj file that I deleted gets recreated by MATLAB.
I've examined almost every directory in the main MATLAB path and I can't find anything I could do to remove the project. I don't want to just delete the old files from the current project and add the new ones as I would like to have multiple SEPARATE projects within the directory structure I already have defined. Please help, as figuring this out is a necessity to complete some ongoing projects.
Thanks in advance.
-Chris Hack


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Answer by Gavin Walker on 29 Jun 2017
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To delete a Simulink Project, delete the .SimulinkProject folder in the root folder of the project. (This is a hidden Windows folder.)

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I thought I had tried this already, but apparently I missed the folder. Thanks for your help.

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