How can I get rid of the large invisible border of my MATLAB figure without cropping it?

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Hey I have a question that would be super helpful to have an answer to. I am generating many MATLAB images. However, each image, when I copy figure to PPT, seems to have a large invisible box around it, which you can see when you click on the image. I know you can easily crop this out, but I don't want to crop many many images, and have to worry if the cropping is the same size. I want to copy these images into a Word document, and all the extra white space is not favorable. Is there a way to get that invisible box to just "hug" the image, instead of extending out several inches?
Jaideep Cherakka Kesavan
Jaideep Cherakka Kesavan on 29 May 2022
In Matlab 2022a
Step 1: Activate Data Tips in Tools Menu in the Figure window. Move the cursor to the top right corner of the image or picture or signal. Some icons (floppy disc, home, brush etc.) will appear above the image or picture or signal displayed.
Step 2: Click on the last icon in the first column and copy as vector graphic.
Step 3: Paste in Powerpoint or Inkscape. The image will not have extra white space.

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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 12 Jan 2017
clc; clear all ;
x = rand(20,1) ;
y = rand(20,1) ;
You may also look into:

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