load matrix from *.txt file

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Cruise on 13 Mar 2012
Hi everybody, I want to load a matrix from *.txt file by use command "load" example: value.txt
2050 0 1175 1
2050 2110 1452 1
2050 2334 1663 1
2050 2724 2670 1
2050 2730 3067 1
This is my code
{load C:\Matlab\value.txt
Is it not right? How can i do? Thanks a lot.
Cruise on 13 Mar 2012
So how do i do to solve it?

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Accepted Answer

Aldin on 13 Mar 2012
Hey you!
Use excel file is much easier and better than txt. If you want i can write for you the algorithm how to do this in with excel??
Aldin on 14 Mar 2012
Than accept your answer that anybody knows that it is seccussful closed.

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