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How to use VARARGOUT right?

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Simon Mürwald
Simon Mürwald on 17 Jan 2017
Answered: Jordan Ross on 23 Jan 2017
this is the first time for me to use Matlab and GUIDE. I have two GUIs, and I open the the second GUI from the main GUI, after a button is pressed in the second GUI, I want it to return a cell array and save this array in a variable in the main GUI. What do I have to write in the callback function of the button and how do I have to call the second GUI out of the main GUI? And another question: when exactly is the OutputFcn called?

Accepted Answer

Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross on 23 Jan 2017
Hello Simon,
To pass data between GUI's you should take a look at the following MATLAB Answers posts:
Lastly, "OutputFcn" is called after the opening function returns control and before control returns to the command line. For more information, check out the following documentation page:

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