Errorlevel -1 compiled exe (R2016a)

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Andreas on 22 Jan 2017
Commented: Prasad Mendu on 30 Jan 2017
I compiled a matlab script with 2016a into an exe-file a start several of them in parallel using a bat-script in that I use
start /WAIT compiledprog.exe
The errorlevel is -1 from time to time... most time everything, so algorithm in the compildprog.exe seems fine... so I assume that there is a somehow a problem with the matlab runtime, memory, or I don't know
my whole matlab-function has a try-catch block, where I force the program to give a specific exit-value unequal to -1 ... therefore I wonder to get -1 as error level?
Is -1 any know obvious problem with the matlab runtime? or memory? is somewhere a list for the errorcode/errorlevel? or what infos could I provide to get more information about the source of error?
Thank you
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Prasad Mendu
Prasad Mendu on 30 Jan 2017
Andreas, can you provide the sample reproduction code and a screenshot of the error message you receive?

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