band brake simscape simulation. some wrong results happen. why it happen? How could I address it?

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In a driveline simulation, I respectively use band brake and clutch as brake system to make the rotating components stop. And the almost whole results are right except that the torque of band brake drum is wrong. I want to know why it happens?
Figure 1 is that I use two band brakes as the brake system
Figure 2 is the results of band brake torque of TSS,TC and TLS.
Figure 3 is that I use two clutches as the brake system.
Figure 4 is the results of clutch torque of TSS,TC and TLS.These results are right results.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 7 Dec 2022
Without your model, it is difficult to give a specific answer. Your screenshots do not indicate what the "input" to the system is, and we cannot see where the signals are coming from. It is also not clear from your description what is correct/incorrect.
The two types of brake you are modeling have different parameterizations and different physical behavior. It is possible you could tune them to have similar behavior.
To explore the Band Brake block further, you could look at shipping example Simpson Three-Speed Transmission
Two band brakes are used in that example.

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