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Seeking help to automate a simple process if possible

Asked by John
on 15 Mar 2012


I'm using a software that is based on the Matlab environment.

I have a simple problem that I was hoping somebody might be able to help me with.

I use a built in function called "import_drive_cycles" in order to generate two files that are necessary for a simulation.

I can do it manually no problem, but I have 2,000 files so I am hoping to automate it, if I can.

The files are named cycle1.mat....cycle2000.mat

Here is screen shot of the process.

So I type "imort_drive_cycles" and a window pops up and I select a file, for example cycle1.mat

Then, it asks me, do I want to use the default path, and I click "Yes".

So I am wondering is there anyway that I can do this automatically for the 2,000 files in the folder?

I have little programming experience but keen to learn.

Thank you in advance



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2 Answers

Answer by Matt Kindig on 15 Mar 2012

For automation, it would be a lot easier if you can call the function from the command line, without having to do any of the mouse clicks (i.e., navigate to the directory and click the path confirmation). Do you have access to the source? Could you post it?


Hello Matthew,

Thank your for your reply. I assume the only way of getting around the mouse clicks is to change the source code. I've contacted the software developer about where the code for this process is located. I'll re-post shortly.

Thank you



The other option you can do to replicate a mouse click involves the use of the java Robot class, but that way is a lot more complicated. It would be easier just to modify the source code. Let me know when you get any information from the software developer.


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