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Options of SLRT UDP send/recv block reverts to defaults when placed inside a library

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I've placed an xpc/slrt realtime udp send/receive blocks along with a configure UDP block inside a library block. I've configured the send/recv blocks to use the configured IP address, and not using host-target connection. However, those options reverts to using host-target connection unless the library link is disabled, which preclude the concept of having them inside a library altogether
Is this a limitation of Simulink in general, or only those blocks? and is there a way around it?
Update: This issue appears in 2016b because it combines the legacy UDP (host target comm) and the realtime UDP in a single configurable block. I have included Examples presenting the case in both 2015b and 2016b

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Hannes Daepp
Hannes Daepp on 15 Feb 2017
Did you ensure that when you added blocks from the library, you first added the configuration block (or together with the send/receive blocks)?
If the model does not contain a 'UDP Configure' block with your prescribed connection settings, the 'UDP Send' and 'UDP Receive' blocks from your library will have invalid settings, and will return to their default values.
For example, using the attached library, as long as I first add the configuration block or add them together, the connection settings are preserved.
Suneesh on 28 Feb 2017
The Send blocks "look for" configure blocks in the same model and create the options list. It should work as expected from within a subsystem too. If not please report it to tech support.

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