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two files with different size

Asked by Majid Al-Sirafi on 12 Feb 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Majid Al-Sirafi on 13 Feb 2017
hi every one the attached matlab code is used for create a new file from input file. unfrtunatelly, the size of the
output file is different from the input. so, how to make them with the same size


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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 13 Feb 2017
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Enhanced code is attached. I upgraded it to use VideoReader and VideoWriter as the routines you used are no longer available in MATLAB.
This turns on Motion JPEG AVI compression. If you want uncompressed changed to 'Uncompressed AVI' in the line marked.
Uncompressed AVI is expected to be larger than the original AVI as the original is likely compressed. Motion JPEG might be smaller than the original AVI: with one or more channels zeroed out, there is less change in the data and that means it can be compressed more efficiently.
Check out the code... I made some improvements.


first: thank you very much.
I need simple code. this code inputs uncompressed AVI file and outputs uncompressed AVI file with the same size. thats I want
I marked a line in the code. Change the line to use 'Uncompressed AVI' instead of 'Motion JPEG AVI'.
thank you dear Walter Roberson, please keep us in contact. I need your supporting

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Answer by Jan
on 12 Feb 2017

If the original file is compressed, it is the expected result, that saving it as uncompressed AVI file changes the file size. Could you provide more details about what you get and what you want?

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actually, I want to produce file from another. for example, I have file with size 359 MB but after running the code, the size of the output file is 1.64 MB. pleaes, i need your e-mail in order to send the input and output files to you

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