Subplots shrink when I save the figure

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MINA on 15 Feb 2017
Edited: Yifan Gu on 16 Feb 2017
I have 12 subplots in a figure and when I am trying to save the figure as .png or .jpg with a command line then the subplots shrink but when I am using the save button on the figure window then it saves it fine. Any help would be appreciated.

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Yifan Gu
Yifan Gu on 16 Feb 2017
Edited: Yifan Gu on 16 Feb 2017
% The following example shows how to control the figure sizes and fontsizes of the figures saved by matlab. As a result, the saved figures, when opend else where, will look exactly like they appeared on your screen when first generated in matlab.
% Yifan Gu, Sep 2016,
figure_width = 8.4; %cm
figure_hight = 15; %cm
figure('NumberTitle','off','name', 'figure_size_control', 'units', 'centimeters', 'color','w', 'position', [0, 0, figure_width, figure_hight], 'PaperSize', [figure_width, figure_hight]); % this is the trick!
text(2.5,2,{'The figure size should',' be 8.4 by 15 cm'})
set(gca,'FontSize', 20); % 6 points for x-axis tickmark labels
xlabel('30 point label', 'fontsize', 30 ); % this must be after the above line!
set(gcf, 'PaperPositionMode', 'auto'); % this is the trick!
print -depsc figure_size_control % this is the trick!!

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