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how to call abaqus using matlab for iterative process?

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I am doing parametric study using iterative techniques for which I want to link matlab and abaqus. I will be calling abaqus for different input files and extracting data from dat and inp files of abaqus within the loop using Matlab.

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KSSV on 1 Mar 2017

George Papazafeiropoulos
George Papazafeiropoulos on 21 May 2017
You should access the abaqus results (*.fil) file via MATLAB. In order to take your results into a fil file you should specify
options (depending on whether you use Abaqus/Standard or Abaqus/Explicit respectively) along with
etc. options in your Abaqus input file. After creating the results (*.fil) file, go to section 5.1.2 of the Abaqus Analysis User's Manual to find details about how to read the fil file. You can use this information to read this file using MATLAB.
Recently Abaqus2Matlab, a new Matlab toolbox has been published, which facilitates all this linking process between Abaqus and Matlab, which can be found here.
Some useful tutorials and examples can be found at the same site. You can contact the Abaqus2Matlab work team for more inquiries.
Best regards.

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