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class cannot be found!

Asked by Seyedfarid Ghahari on 9 Mar 2017
Hi everyone,
I am using .net to run multiple instances of an application inside parfor. After defining application path and dll and adding dll to the assembly as:
ProgramPath = 'C:\...\application.exe';
APIDLLPath = 'C:\...\application.dll';
a = NET.addAssembly(APIDLLPath);
I have this parfor loop:
parfor l=1:4
helper{l} = application.Helper;
It works well in "for" loop, but does not run in "parfor". First problem was due to employing "structure" inside parfor. However, even if I assign "application.Helper" to a temp variable outside the parfor and call that variable inside the parfor, I get error as:
"Cannot load an object of class 'Helper':Its class cannot be found."
I appreciate if anybody can help.


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