Fixed Point Tool not working with Matlab Function Block in Simulink

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Hello everyone,
I have a rather simple model containing two Matlab function blocks with the following code:
function valueAtIndex = fcn(tappedDelays, index)
% Extracts the value of a vector signal at a specified index.
valueAtIndex = tappedDelays(index);
Now I'm trying to use the Simulink Fixed-Point Tool to derive an appropriate fixed-point representation of the model.
However, the Fixed-Point Advisor keeps telling me that my system contains blocks that do not support fixed-point data types and lists the MATLAB function blocks I mentioned above.
How can that be? In the Model Explorer, I can without any problems specify my function to take fixed-point arguments, therefore I'd say the error message is plain nonsense!
What I wanted to do is let the Fixed-Point Advisor propose optimal fixed-point types to me. Is there any possibility to have it do so?
Kind Regards and thanks in advance,
Eike on 21 Mar 2012
And by the way, why is the search engine at MATLAB answers so bad? I always get loads and loads of results that have about nothing to do with my search terms.
Would be pretty nice if there was an update some day!

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