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Custom data tips for boxplots

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Sanwal Yousaf
Sanwal Yousaf on 17 Mar 2017
Edited: Sanwal Yousaf on 17 Mar 2017
Hey i am trying to create custom data tips that displays more than two values or have the outliers be labeled with the values i want them to be labeled with. I have a figure that has about 13 subplots in it which are all boxplots with outliers. When you click on the outliers with the datacursormode, it shows you the attached picture.
The observation row that shows in the data tip is the number that i am interested in. I want to able to do 2 things: 1. Extract the observation row number. 2. Use the observation row number to find the subject name from a matrix where the data is stored and have that subject number be displayed in the data tip.
I was trying to work with the updateFCN function but i have not had any success so far. The main thing i want to do is take the observation row and have it show up as the subject number to help me identify the outliers faster.


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