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Unable to find cl.exe executing vl_compilenn

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I am trying to execute
from here, but I get this error:
Error using vl_compilenn>check_clpath (line 599)
Unable to find cl.exe
Error in vl_compilenn (line 417)
cl_path = fileparts(check_clpath()); % check whether cl.exe in path
I am using MinGW64 Compiler. I already read a potential fix could be adding the path to cl.exe to your environment variables, but how do I know where it's located? Am at a loss right now.

Accepted Answer

Jan on 23 Mar 2017
Edited: Jan on 23 Mar 2017
Reading the help section of a failing code is obligatory. In vl_compilenn you find:
% Compilation on Windows with MinGW compiler (the default mex compiler in
% Matlab) is not supported. For Windows, please reconfigure mex to use
% Visual Studio C/C++ compiler.
Install the SDK7.1, which is explained in many threads here in this forum.
Jon Slow
Jon Slow on 22 Oct 2017
Edited: Jon Slow on 22 Oct 2017
But I managed to install SDK7.1 and VS 2010 C++ anyway, new error:
>Error using vl_compilenn>check_compability (line 535) Unsupported VS C++ compiler, ver >=14.0 required (VS 2015). Error in vl_compilenn (line 197) check_compability(arch);
I don't know how to fix this, I had VS 2017 community installed, with SDK and compiler. Matlab only works with SDK 7.1 while Matconvnet compiler only works with VS 2015 or later. The compatibility here is really stupid.
XUEJIAO DENG on 28 May 2018
I solve this problem by seeing:

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Mohamed aymane Zizi
Mohamed aymane Zizi on 19 Jan 2020
The solution I figured out is hardcoding the path link.
in vl_compilenn.m file you find the line
cl_path = fullfile(cc.Location, 'VC', 'bin', 'amd64');
so basically you changed accordinally to where cl.exe is located, in my case I changed it to this.
cl_path = 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\VC\Tools\MSVC\14.16.27023\bin\Hostx64\x64';
and worked perfectly!
wish that helps you!

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