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Mex file error - incorrect number of input arguments, even though argument number is correct

Asked by Etienne Coetzee on 24 Mar 2017
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on 24 Mar 2017
Hi All
I have recently updated to Matlab R2016b and have all of a sudden run into a problem with a Fortran mex file. When I call the mex file it sometimes complains that I am not sending in the correct number of arguments, even though I am. I am a bit puzzled by this. I am running the mex file with a feval command, something like >> feval('mexFcnName',argument1,argument2). I have never had a problem before. Any ideas why this would happen now all of a sudden? The compilers are all the same, just the Matlab version has changed.

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Please post the relevant part of the code. It is harder to guess when you are blind.

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