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Install error when installing MATLAB DRIVE

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Hello I'm trying to install MATLAB DRIVE on my computer, which is with intel i3-6100 processor and 64bit windows 10
My current MATLAB is R2016b, activated by student license.
My problem is, when installing MATLAB DRIVE, everything goes well but at final stage, error message comes up saying
"Failed to start agent: Logging configuration was invalid" anyway installation still goes on until another error message comes up
"MATLAB DRIVE connector failed to start : Failed to start MATLAB DRIVE connector within the allowed time. ..."
I have re-installed several time but always stuck in the same stage. Can anyone help me?
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Varun Gunda
Varun Gunda on 6 Apr 2017
Have you followd the instructions as given below:
• Install MATLAB R2015a or later (install will not work with prerelease versions of MATLAB).
• Download the submission (MATLABdrive.mlpkginstall).
• Double-click MATLABdrive.mlpkginstall from either inside MATLAB or from your OS.
• Log in to your MathWorks Account during the install process.
as given in this link?
While installation are you able to login and activate?
At what point of time you are getting the above errors?

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Answers (2)

Richard Alcock
Richard Alcock on 21 Apr 2017
Hi Hanseul Yun,
The MATLAB Drive Connector development team are aware of this issue. We should have a fix for it in a upcoming version.

Richard Alcock
Richard Alcock on 27 Nov 2017
Apologies for not following up quicker - this issue should have been fixed in the June update to MATLAB Drive Connector which you can get from here.


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