Receiving Data from GUI edit box

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Ashley Hamlin
Ashley Hamlin on 30 Apr 2017
Edited: Walter Roberson on 4 May 2017
I am having issues with retrieving the information that the user inputs into the GUI. The edit box is as follows.
IP_Adress_Phone=uicontrol('Style','edit','BackgroundColor','white','Units','Normalized','Position',[.1 .1 .4 .1],'String','Enter your phone IP address here',...'Visible','on','Callback',@callbackfn);

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Kevin Gleason
Kevin Gleason on 3 May 2017
Using the code you provided above:
'Units','Normalized','Position',[.1 .1 .4 .1],...
'String','Enter your phone IP address here',...
In order to extract data, you need to define the callback. The callback's first parameter will be a reference to the IP Text Field itself. You can then extract the Text Field's "String" Property.
function callbackfn(hObj, e)
ipAddr = hObj.String;
disp(['ipAddr: ' ipAddr]);
Callback's Documentation for reference:

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