In subplot, how do I plot all images in same size?

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I'm trying to use subplot to show a ranking of images. I've been trying to understand how to change the code to get all images in the same size when I show then in a figure, but with no success until now.
I've attached my image rankings so you can have an idea. To print that, I read a list of images from a .txt file and then I use a for loop to print each of those.
I would like them to have the same height and width, even if they have different size. Can anybody give me a hint? I've tried a lot of similar examples, but I still didn't understand how to do it. They could be the same size of first image that appears in the ranking.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 May 2017
Use image() to draw the images instead of imshow().
And do not use the
axis image
axis equal
For example,
foo1 = randi(255,20,30,'uint8');
foo2 = randi(255,25,30,'uint8');
subplot(1,2,1); image(foo1)
subplot(1,2,2); image(foo2)
The images will be drawn the same size.
This will typically result in most of the images looking distorted.
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Queila Martins
Queila Martins on 10 May 2017
Thank you SO much, Walter! I was really doing wrong things (using axis equal, imshow, etc). I merged your suggested code with set(gca...) and I got exactly what I needed.
Thank you so much again! very helpful!

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