R2011a release

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Shichang on 17 Mar 2011
Is the new version set to release anytime soon?

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Aurelien Queffurust
Aurelien Queffurust on 1 Apr 2011
Cleve Moler just sent me a SMS saying that R2011a will be shipped on 7th April

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Arnaud Miege
Arnaud Miege on 8 Apr 2011

Friedrich on 8 Apr 2011
Hi Royi,
in the documentation for 11a you can find these information:
Best regrads,

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Mar 2011
Contact Mathworks Sales.
As far as I can tell, none of the Mathworks staff who volunteer here are authorized to discuss product release dates.
Historically this is about the time of year for a release, but Mathworks would probably hold back the product if they had any substantial issues with it.

Royi Avital
Royi Avital on 8 Apr 2011
Couldn't find anything new in their GPU support.
Anyone found it?
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Loren Dean
Loren Dean on 29 Apr 2011
The following link should have the information you are looking for:

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