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How to select specific urls in a webpage with regexp?

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pietro on 8 Jun 2017
Commented: pietro on 1 Jul 2017
Hi all,
I'm doing some webscraping from this website. I need to extract the tractor links which are recognized from many lines similar to the following one:
<tr><td><a href="">20A</a></td><td>21 hp</td><td>2008 - 2011</td></tr>
so after the link there is the string '\d* hp'. Here the code I use to detected them:
hyperlinks = regexp(html,'(?<=<tr><td.*>)<a.*?/a>(?=.*{8,50}\d* hp</td>)','match');
This code works rather fine, but I'm not able to get rid of the first wrong result that is:
<a href="" height="1" width="1" alt=""></td></tr>
<tr><td><a href="">20A</a>
As you can see it starts above the link that has to be selected. How can I do to solve it? Thanks

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Michael Dombrowski
Michael Dombrowski on 29 Jun 2017
When I run your code I get no results in hyperlinks. But, have you thought of adding "farm-tractors" into your regex? It would resolve your issue, and as long as all the links also go to the farm-tractors directory it would work fine.

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Guillaume on 29 Jun 2017
Edited: Guillaume on 29 Jun 2017
Note: avoid greedy .* particularly in complex expressions, it's bound to cause you problems. Negative classes often work better. For example, instead of <td.*>, use <td[^>]*>.
As per Michael comment, your posted regex does not work. But even with the simplified regex:
hyperlinks = regexp(html, '(?<=<tr><td[^>]*>)<a.*?/a>', 'match')' %transposed for easy viewing in command window
you can see that there is a problem. Unfortunately for you, the problem is actually the webpage which is actually not valid html. Your whole problem comes from the fact that the spacer.gif <a hyperlink (on line 131 of the source html) is never closed. So of course, your regex captures everything up to the next a> which belongs to the next <tr><td>.
Unfortunately that makes your life rather difficult. Try:
hyperlinks = regexp(html, '(?<=<tr><td[^>]*>)<a[^>]*>[^<]*</a>(?=</td><td[^>]*>\d+ hp</td>)', 'match')' %transposed for easy viewing in command window
And if you can report to the website owner that their page is missing a closing tag.

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pietro on 1 Jul 2017
I got it. Infact with .* it gets a bit tricky, sometimes.

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