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Bluetooth Communication over MatLab

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I'm trying to send a simple binary file to a paired bluetooth device, but having a lot of difficulty. I'm using 2012a, so the bluetooth support is available.
Following is a sample of my setup to ensure that I am paired with the device.
>> instrhwinfo('bluetooth')
ans =
RemoteNames: {6x1 cell}
RemoteIDs: {6x1 cell}
BluecoveVersion: 'BlueCove-2.1.1-SNAPSHOT'
JarFileVersion: 'Version 3.0.0'
>> ans.RemoteNames
ans =
>> bt = Bluetooth('FRANK')
Bluetooth Object : Bluetooth-FRANK:0
Communication Settings
RemoteName: FRANK
RemoteID: 002243F270C7
Channel: 0
Terminator: 'LF'
Communication State
Status: closed
RecordStatus: off
Read/Write State
TransferStatus: idle
BytesAvailable: 0
ValuesReceived: 0
ValuesSent: 0
At this point I need to change the Communication state to open so I can use the fwrite command. This is where I have a problem.
I use the fopen command to establish the connection, but get the following error.
Error using icinterface/fopen (line 83)
Unsuccessful open: Cannot connect to the
device. Possible reasons are another
application is connected
or the device is not available.
Where do I go from here?
I've read that others have set up a COMM port, but I am of the understanding that this is not needed with 2012a. Is that right?
I know next to nothing about bluetooth connectivity and/or communication. So any information is greatly appreciated.

Accepted Answer

Ankit Desai
Ankit Desai on 5 Apr 2012
Hi Chris,
You might want to consider a couple of things:
  1. Make sure that the device is paired prior to accessing it in MATLAB
  2. The line where you create bt is incorrect
You need to pass the channel ID as the second parameter to Bluetooth.
To find out the correct channel ID, use the following function:
btInfo = instrhwinfo('Bluetooth','FRANK')
That should give you the object constructor, including the channel ID required.
Hope that helps.
Vinod on 14 Dec 2017
What Operating System are you using? What is the version of MATLAB you are using?
Diogo Simões
Diogo Simões on 29 Apr 2020
My fopen keeps telling me it can't connect in spite of doing it like Ankit Desai wrote in the first comment

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siddesh pawar
siddesh pawar on 9 Sep 2016
Communication State
Status: closed
RecordStatus: off
HOW TO SET IT ON.., I.E how to transmit the data 1

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