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Is there a way to extract cell array with multiple layer to excel file?

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Guillaume on 15 Jun 2017
Is there a way to have multiple values in a cell in excel?
No. So, what do you expect matlab to do when you give it multiple values to write in the same excel cell?

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Dimitris Iliou
Dimitris Iliou on 15 Jun 2017
Assuming that you are using xlswrite to create the .xls file, you should not be able to achieve this workflow.
If you look in the related documentation page:
you will see the following statement:
If A is a cell array containing something other than a scalar numeric or text, then xlswrite silently leaves the corresponding cell in the spreadsheet empty.
So, in order to write your data to an excel file, I would recommend first converting the multi-dimensional cell data to a 2-D matrix or table data, and the try to export them to excel using xlswrite or writetable.
If you want to know more about working with MATLAB tables, you could refer to following documentation page:



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