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Create DLL for PXI-8196 controller

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Melker Härefors
Melker Härefors on 13 Jun 2017
Answered: Dimitris Iliou on 15 Jun 2017
I need to create a DLL for PXI-8196 controller from a model in Simulink using Simulink Coder. Is there an System Target File specific for this or can I use/modify the grt.tlc to accomplish this? The model is quite complex, including several referenced models and user C-code (in form of s-functions). I can generate the C-code without problems.

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Dimitris Iliou
Dimitris Iliou on 15 Jun 2017
To create the .dll you could use the ert_shrlib.tlc System Target File, but you need to have Embedded Coder in order to do that.
You can always try and write your own TLC file which only needs Simulink Coder. You can find more information on how to do that in the following documentation link:


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