how to used our mother wavelet?

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amin on 13 Jun 2017
Commented: Ben Gibbingwork on 12 Apr 2021
Hello All
I have a specific wave form of a signal which is not close to any of famous mother wavelets. How is it possible to use my own mother wavelet. Also, I do not know that if I change the mother wavelet should I change the sub-codes of matlab functions? which means design a new wavelet! would you please guide me by link, site or sample code?
Regards Amin
Wayne King
Wayne King on 19 Jun 2017
Hi Amin, Can you please elaborate on whether you want to use this wavelet in continuous analysis (CWT) or discrete analysis (DWT/WAVEDEC). Also, can you please tell us what form your mother wavelet is in, e.g. Filters or a vector waveform.
Ben Gibbingwork
Ben Gibbingwork on 12 Apr 2021
Hi Wayne. I have the same application but for DWT and CWT. The guidence online does not really help

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