convert cell array with struct information to struct

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I am using the OPC-Toolbox. The Information of the Item-structure on the server is already given as a 2996x1 cell:
itemID =
Simulator.System.Allow Online Setting
I want to get this old 1x1 struct beginning with "Simulator." back.
because of the autocomplete of matlab.
I am helpful for any Information.

Answers (2)

Binu on 4 Aug 2017
There is a cell2struct function structArray = cell2struct(cellArray, fields, dim)

Massimo Ciacci
Massimo Ciacci on 21 Nov 2019
function structArr = cellArray_2_structArray(cellArr)
N = numel(cellArr); % N cells with 1 struct each
structArr = repmat(cellArr{1}, N, 1 ); % array of structs
for ii=1:N
structArr(ii) = cellArr{ii};
How about a poor man solution like this? The advantage over cell2struct is that here you don't need to specify the fields already available in cellArr{1}.


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