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Error during the make process in simulink

Asked by Xavier
on 29 Jun 2017
I get the following error:
Making simulation target "A320NEO_LPBAV_Model_sfun", ...
'A320NEO_LPBAV_Model_sfun.bat' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
Error using A320NEO_LPBAV_Model_Run_Script (line 34) Error using targetman>throw_make_error (line 588) (SLSF Diagnostic)
Ithe error occurs whe I add a Matlab Function block to the model. The model was develop in Matlab R2009b but I run it and modify it in R2012b I cannot update to a newer version of matlab I have to use R2012b
A model with just the Matlab function block in it work fine.
Xavier Ollat


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