FramesperTrigger vs. Trigger repeat

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I am trying to acquire video and store it to a disk using video input object. In its properties there are two that are confusing me - FramesperTrigger and Trigger repeat. Since I want to record continuously there is no limit to frames.
1. It seems both the above mentioned object properties can achieve this goal(Framespertrigger to Ind and Trigger repeat to 0 or some constant frames per trigger and TriggerRepeat to Inf). But which is better? Does this have something to do with the amount of physical memory available?
2. Can i use some keyboard interrupt to stop acquisition in the middle, while making sure the file made till now is playable. If so how to do this?
Do mention if any further information is needed. Thanks

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Sailesh Sidhwani
Sailesh Sidhwani on 26 Jul 2017
1. Since you have to record continuously, it is better to set "FramesPerTrigger" to Inf instead of setting "TriggerRepeat" to Inf. This is because, when "TriggerRepeat" is Inf it will capture specified number of frames only when the trigger condition is met. Thus, setting "FramesPerTrigger" to Inf is more reliable in capturing all the frames.
2. There is no direct command in MATLAB that I know of is able to do that.

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