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Benjamin Cowen
Benjamin Cowen on 19 Jul 2017
Commented: Geoff Hayes on 20 Jul 2017
I have the following code. I created a cell array with filetypes. You can see in my xlsread I just have one file name. How can I replace this a loop that goes through my cell array with different names and create Ymean{i} instead of just Ymean?
close all
filenames = ['Oxygen_1keV_300K','Oxygen_1keV_300K','Oxygen_1keV_600K','Oxygen_1keV_900K'];
celldata = cellstr(filenames)
k = cell(1,24);
for k=1:24
data{k} = xlsread('C:\Users\Ben\Desktop\Oxygen_1keV_300K.xlsx',['PKA', num2str(k)]);
for i=1:24
yi{i} = interp1(x{i},y{i},xi{i});
Y = zeros(10001, numel(data));
for ii = 1 : numel(data)
Y(:, ii) = yi{ii}(1 : 10001);
Ymean = mean(Y, 2);
figure (1)
grid on
xlabel('Time (ps)')
ylabel('Oxygen Vacancies')

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 19 Jul 2017
Benjamin - if all files are in the same directory, you could do
filenames = {'Oxygen_1keV_300K','Oxygen_1keV_300K','Oxygen_1keV_600K','Oxygen_1keV_900K'};
data = cell(1,length(filenames));
YMean = zeros(1, length(filenames));
for k=1:length(filenames)
sFilename = [fullfile('C:\Users\Ben\Desktop\', filenames{k}) '.xlsx']
data{k} = xlsread(sFilename,...);
% do your calculations on data{k}
% calculate and save the mean
YMean(k) = ...;
Note how we create a cell array of filenames by using the curly braces {} rather than concatenating the strings together using the square brackets []. We then iterate over each element in the filenames array and create a full filename, sFilename, which has a path to the file with the xlsx extension.
Benjamin Cowen
Benjamin Cowen on 19 Jul 2017
Does this treat Ymean has a column for each file? Because Ymean is not a single value, it is a column of values
Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 20 Jul 2017
Benjamin - if Ymean is a column, does it have the same dimension for each file or can it be different? If the former, then just initialize as a matrix. Else if the latter, then use a cell array.

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