How to enter data in the system command?

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Hello I have a problem with my code in matlab: I want to enter a archive in the >>here<< section as you can see in a cycle: code: file=dir('C:\Users\fyre\Documents\funciones\logs'); %directory files=strvcat(; % I got the archives that a I need k=1; D=[]; for i=3:5 system('mseed2sac-2.1-win32 >>here<>') end but in each cycle i only get: system('mseed2sac-2.1-win32 >>here<>') before due to the quotes, we know that here have to change archive in each interation..

Accepted Answer

Simon Henin
Simon Henin on 24 Jul 2017
Use sprintf to create dynamic text, for example:
for i=3:5
system( sprintf('mseed2sac-2.1-win32 >> %s<>', files{i}) );

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