is multi threading possible in MATLAB

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Sairah on 26 Jul 2017
Answered: Rashi Mehrotra on 8 Oct 2021
I want to do programming using multi threading approach. is it possible in MATLAB? please tell

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Jan on 26 Jul 2017
Edited: Jan on 26 Jul 2017
Many commands, e.g. sum is multi-threaded internally already: beyond a specific data size, the work is distributed to multiple threads, which are processed in parallel.
You can control the multi-threading in C-Mex functions directly. And in Matlab the Parallel Computing Toolbox offers e.g. the parfor loop to distribute the code to several workers. See
Note that the Parallel Computing Toolbox can distribute the work load not only to the cores of one CPU, but to multiple CPUs also, this means to different computers. See e.g. Multi-threading and parallel computing are different stories.
Jan on 17 Jun 2021
@Fatma Yörük: I did not understand, what Oindri is asking for. "Implement mutlithreading to an algorithm of mine" cannot be answered. That a C++ function is called does not reveal any detail also. I do not know, what "underlying Java MT" means.
Now you think you have the same question? Then please open a new thread and explain any details of your problem. Otherwise an answer is impossible.

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Rashi Mehrotra
Rashi Mehrotra on 8 Oct 2021
Hi Sairah,
The problem is similar to mine, in which data is received parallelly from two sensors.
Di you achieved the solution for your problem of multithreading, Please can you tell me.

Akhilesh Thakur
Akhilesh Thakur on 26 Jul 2017
Parallel Computing Toolbox is a way to go. If you don't have it then you would have to built state machine which will execute sequentially. I did that way though it was not parallel. Let me know what kind of parallel programming you are looking for.
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Sairah on 27 Jul 2017
hi Thakur. Actually I am new to this approach. thats why I am afraid that Matlab platform offers me to work on this or should I migrate to another platform such as C# As I am making GUI in MATLAB for position tracking and localization. so in parallel I have to process more than one object at the same time.

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