How to know the frequency from spectrogram image?

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I would like to know the frequency from this spectrogram image. Can I know the frequency from the colorbar? Because I'm still confused of the colorbar unit. Is colorbar unit in Hz or dB? here's my code to get this image
p=dlmread('pv.txt'); m=mean(p); x=p-m; length(x); detik=24*60*60; fs=length(x)/detik; t=1/fs:1/fs:length(x)/fs; plot(t,x); Y=fft(x); plot(t,Y); f=fs*(0:length(Y)-1/length(Y)); spectrogram(x,128,120,256,fs,'yaxis');
I'm looking forward your help, thank you Frely

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Christoph F.
Christoph F. on 11 Aug 2017
The frequency is plottet on the vertical (y-) axis.
The color indicates amplitude, so it's probably in dB.


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