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How to encode edge features in Matlab?

Asked by Thien Thu Ngo on 15 Aug 2017
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on 18 Aug 2017
I am making a simple demo in Matlab. I want to extract edge maps from video sequences then encode both frame & edge maps to bit stream. Then I will decode bitstream to have frame & edge maps, and leverage edge maps to upscaling that frame.
This is not a new idea, I used huffmanenco to encode image, but I'm facing some difficulties to encode edge maps. May anyone can give me an idea to solve this problem? Sorry if my question trouble you because I'm newbie in both Matlab and Computer Vision.
Thank you so much.


How, exactly, are you doing the "sending"? What form of data does the client expect to receive? Obviously you need to send it in a form that the client is expecting to receive.
As I'm not trying to make a streaming system on matlab, so I will simulate it by encoding & saving into a file, then read the file back to reconstruct the frame. Is it possible?
Why not simply use save() to save the variable in a .mat file?

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