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How do I construct a complex gpuArray directly on the GPU?

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Kevin on 12 Sep 2017
I am trying to initialize a complex gpuArray directly on the GPU (i.e. without first creating a complex array in host memory and then copying it over to the device).
So far the only thing I've found that works is:
foo = gpuArray(complex(0));
bar = zeros(4, 1, 'like',foo);
which seems kinda silly. Is there a way to allocate a complex gpuArray directly using something like gpuArray.zeros?


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Accepted Answer

Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 12 Sep 2017
None of MATLAB's build methods (the zeros, ones family) build complex arrays, so the nearest you can get is to do something like:
complex(zeros(3, 'gpuArray'))
which never allocates any host memory, and results in a complex gpuArray.

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Jacob Lynch August
Jacob Lynch August on 9 Nov 2018
What about elements on the host that need to be transferred to the GPU, like
G = complex( gpuArray(V(:,1)), gpuArray(:,2) );
It seems silly to me to have those two temporary gpuArrays.

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KSSV on 12 Sep 2017
G = gpuArray(rand(10,1)+1i*rand(10,1));


Kevin on 12 Sep 2017
Unfortunately, this still allocates memory on the host first and then copies it over to the GPU device. I would like to initialize the array directly on the GPU.
Jacob Lynch August
Jacob Lynch August on 9 Nov 2018

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