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Isacco Simonini
Isacco Simonini on 19 Sep 2017
Commented: Isacco Simonini on 25 Sep 2017
I'm using Simulink-Simscape to evaluate the losses of an IGBT.
I have to be sure that the dynamic characteristics of voltage and current set as default by the software are reliable when calculating the losses, in particular, I have been told that the switching on-state/off-state may not be representative of the real behavior but very much approximated.
Can someone confirm or deny my thoughts. Maybe providing some test configurations to compute such losses.

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Suze Zhang
Suze Zhang on 22 Sep 2017
Hi Isacco,
Here is an example that models the IGBT switching loss characteristics:
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Isacco Simonini
Isacco Simonini on 25 Sep 2017
Thank you for your answer and yes, this is partly what I was looking for. In particular, my question is about the degree of approximation that Simscape applies in defining the characteristic of the IGBT. At this point the question should be, are rise and fall times in the V-I characteristic of the IGBT approximated or not? I guess that the only way to find out would be to read the code that describes the IGBT, which I can't find anywhere.

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