Please Help!!! Configuration references error when I build and run

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Mevan Pathberiya
Mevan Pathberiya on 4 Oct 2017
Answered: Quan Wei on 2 Jul 2019
Hi Guys
Can any one tell me how to get past this error, How do i set Parent child settings. Please im and new so i really appreciate your help, thanks!!
### Starting build procedure for model: px4demo_attitude_system
### Build procedure for model: 'px4demo_attitude_system' aborted due to an error.
The following Configuration parameter option(s) do not match between the models 'px4demo_attitude_system (Parent)' and 'px4demo_attitude_control (Child)'. Configuration references can help avoid parameter mismatches.
SupportNonInlinedSFcns [Use set_param to change settings]:
Parent setting: off
Child setting: on

Answers (1)

Quan Wei
Quan Wei on 2 Jul 2019
Did you solve the problem? I also have this problem...

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