Nonlinear spring stiffness in Cartesian joint for Simscape Multibody Second generation

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Hi, I am using a cartesian joint in Simscape Multibody second generation. Inside this block the internal Mechanics can be chosen in three different directions Px, Py and Pz. I want to create a nonlinear spring stiffness, in for example Px, that varies when the joint translates in direction Px. How to do this?
It would be nice if there was an input port on this block, where the measured signal could go in. In that case, I could use a Matlab function to let the spring stiffness vary in function of the ingoing signal.

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Suze Zhang
Suze Zhang on 9 Oct 2017
Hi Robin,
Here is an example of a nonlinear spring block, however, it is modeled using Simscape language instead of using the Cartesian Joint block from Simscape Multibody:

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