How to get Complex sound field representation from real pressure signals

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Hello, I'm trying to simulate a sound received by an antennae (linear, of five microphones). To do so, i used the phased array toolbox and the wideBandCollector object to simulate the signal received by each microphones depending on the incidence of arrival (hypothesis of planar waves)
I want the sound source to be a white noise so i used the 'wgn' function.
Here's my question : once I have my temporal signal for each microphone, i would like to do some mathematical treatmeent on them. But to do so, I would need to use the complex representation of the signal (complex exponentials) How can I transform my signal into such a representation ?

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Suze Zhang
Suze Zhang on 9 Oct 2017
Hi Benoit,
I agree with the comment Star posted above using function "fft". Here is also another link to an example performing basic frequency-domain signal analysis:


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