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Add multiple channels to floating scope

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Kris on 20 Apr 2012
I'm trying to add multiple channels to one floating scope. I'm doing thise to be able to see the difference between material properties (heatloss trough time).
I get the following messages: Error displaying selected signal from port '1' of 'WeergevenEingenschappen/Boiler 1'
The selected signal originating from output port 1 on 'WeergevenEingenschappen/Boiler 1/E na stil' cannot be displayed due to signal storage optimization. You can: 1) disable 'Signal storage reuse' on the Optimization > Signals and Parameters pane of the Configuration Parameters dialog to access this (and all other) signals using floating scopes and displays, 2) configure this signal as SimulinkGlobal (Test Point) from the Signal properties dialog, or 3) create a Simulink signal object matching the signal label with its RTWInfo.StorageClass attribute set as 'SimulinkGlobal'
What am i doing wrong?
Kind regards,


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Roshin Kadanna Pally
Roshin Kadanna Pally on 20 Apr 2012
Floating Scope cannot be used to view signals with signal storage optimization enabled.
Alternatively, you can use a Signal Viewer. Right click on the signal line you wan't to view and navigate to Create & Connect Viewer->Simulink->Scope.
Multiple channels can be added to the same Signal Viewer axes by right clicking the signal and navigating to Connect To Existing Viewer->Scope1->Axes1 etc. You may also add multiple axes and view signals on different axes.

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Kris on 26 Apr 2012
I assume that for the atlernatif use of the floating scope i need to disable storage optimization? I still receive errors if i don't do this.

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