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pde toolbox - setting initial conditions

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How to apply a script to set initial conditions in 'solve parameters' dialog box when using PDE Modeler. The problem is a 2D hyperbolic PDE with two intersecting geometric areas.

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Graham W Griffiths
Graham W Griffiths on 18 Oct 2017
Edited: Graham W Griffiths on 18 Oct 2017
I could not find any definitive description in PDE toolbox documentation. However, by trial and error I found that a function defined in a separate script file can be made to work. Write the initial condition function, say uic(), with inputs x and y, and return value equal to the desired u0 array. Then, in the solver parameter dialog box for u0, include the function name in quotes, i.e. 'uic(x,y)' and select OK. That's all.

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