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Silent install of Matlab MCR_R2017b using Batchpatch

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I am trying to do a unattended install on remote hosts of R2017B.
I have a solution called batchpatch in my enivormenet which greatly assists with this and I was looking at document to assist me.
Picture attached shows Batchpatch screen I need to fill out with info to remotely install Matlab on hosts.
Basically I am so confused I cant make it work.
Here is the same question I reposted on Batchpatch site: Batchpatch forums
Oliver Droll
Oliver Droll on 25 Jun 2018
Hi Robert Did you ever get it to work? I am struggling too with installing it too. I do not want to copy the whole content to each computer so I am tryint it with UNC path but have no luck.
cheers Oliver
Robert Klosak
Robert Klosak on 25 Jun 2018
Edited: Robert Klosak on 25 Jun 2018
I never got it to work and there was basically no one who could really help me with it. Both Matlab and Batchpatch support could be better IMO. I will revisit this issue and see what I can figure out. I kinda gave up and have been doing manual installs of the runtimes which is a pain.

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Answers (1)

ES on 25 Jun 2018
I think you just need to copy the installer file (example: my_installer_input) to a location in the host PC and do
setup.exe -inputFile C:\temp\my_installer_input.txt
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Oliver Droll
Oliver Droll on 25 Jun 2018
That part works fine. I can manually install Matlab with a batch file just perfectly. The deployment with Batchpatch still does not work. I am trying to launch the setup from an UNC path as I do not want to copy 6+GB to every pc.

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