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how to apply shearlet transform on images

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hp on 5 Dec 2017
Commented: hp on 7 Jul 2018
I am getting error in applying shearlet Transform i.e. FFST on images which are not geometric oriented.. and the error Iam getting is...
[ST,Psi]=shearletTransformSpect(imread('G:/matlab2013/Crack/bin/gm.jpg')); Undefined function 'defaultNumberOfScales' for input arguments of type 'double'.
Error in shearletTransformSpect (line 52) addOptional(p,'numOfScales',defaultNumberOfScales(size(A)),@checkNumOfScales);
But the sample program on its images runs perfectly.... plz Resolve.

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jing zhang
jing zhang on 6 Jul 2018
I have some questions to ask you. Can I haveyour qq?plz
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hp on 7 Jul 2018
What is qq sir? And problem had resolved

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