Copyobj did not copy attributes/properties

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Luc Masset
Luc Masset on 10 Dec 2017
Commented: Pierre E. on 25 May 2020
I want to copy existing axes in a new figure using copyobj. Unfortunately, the attributes did not seem to be copied well. Here the font size of new axes xlabel should be 14 and it is 11. Is this the normal behavior?
>> figure
>> hax=gca;
>> set(get(hax,'xlabel'),'fontsize',14,'string','My xlabel')
>> get(get(hax,'xlabel'),'fontsize')
ans =
>> fig2=figure;
>> hax2=copyobj(hax,fig2);
>> get(get(hax2,'xlabel'),'fontsize')
ans =

Answers (3)

Jan on 10 Dec 2017
Edited: Jan on 10 Dec 2017
If this is the "normal" behavior or not depends on the definition of "normal": Do you mean the intended or the usual behavior?
  1. I observe the same effect in R2016b, while in R2009a the font size was preserved.
  2. When I copy an axes object, I'd expect, that the font size of the labels is copied.

Luc Masset
Luc Masset on 10 Dec 2017
Hello Jan,
Thx for your answer. Indeed I was thinking of intended/expected behavior. From my point of view too, labels and title attributes should be kept when using copyobj.

Mack Gardner-Morse
Mack Gardner-Morse on 30 Nov 2018
I agree with Jan. I have the same problem with copyobj in Release 2018a. Both font size and font weight in labels and titles are not preserved using copyobj. I did not see this in much earlier versions of Matlab. Someone should make a bug report.
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Pierre E.
Pierre E. on 25 May 2020
Same is observed with release 2019a as well !

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