Erase Simulink Model running on ESP8266 and Arduino Due

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I am trying to connect via wifi my laptop to an ESP8266 which is connected to an Arduino Due, using Matlab/Simulink R2017b. There is an AT firmware (version 1.3) running on my ESP8266.
I ran it a first time and it succeeded.
  • But then I had a problem when I ran the "arduinowifi_udp_hostsend" on my computer model to send data from my computer to the ESP8266. I tried to run again the first model "arduinomega2560_wifiudpreceive" but then I got the following error:
  • I tried the solutions recommended in Matlab's documentation but none of them worked.
  • I am pretty convinced that the problem comes from the fact that the first sketch is still running on the Arduino and ESP8266 everytime I power them, assigning directly an IP address, and thus that when I try to upload it again there is a conflict between the previous sketch that assigned an IP address and the new sketch that tries to re-assign an IP address (I tried by forcing the same IP address it obtained the same error).
  • So my question is: how can I delete the previous sketch from Simulink from my Arduino and my ESP8266, so that my ESP8266 does not connect directly on the wifi network when powered, so that I can again upload a new sketch to be able to assign a new IP address (because I don't run the program on the same wifi network all the time so I have to be able to assign new IP adress on new networks)?
Thank you in advance for your help!
Best regards,
Laurent Storrer

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Venkatesh Chilapur
Venkatesh Chilapur on 9 Jan 2018

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