How to identify the class is labeled or not? help me in finding target matrix??

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sorry for this silly question. actually, I want to classify a 2D data which I obtained after performing some operation. now I have to classify this data using patternnet. for that, i want a "target matrix".please help me in this. I have 51 classes in my dataset.
here i have a matrix of size 7701*51. now i want to classify this matrix in 51 classes(as these many individuals i have in the dataset). please help me, how can i generate target matrix if i want to do classification using nprtool.
user06 on 18 Dec 2017
sir i have 51 classes and each class contains 300 samples. i have extracted features using CNN. the result of the CNN has the size 7701*51(as i have divided 151 images for training and 149 for testing). now i want to do classification using nprtool. for that i have to provide target matrix. and i am unable to understand how can i generate that target matrix.

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Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 18 Dec 2017
Edited: Greg Heath on 29 Dec 2017
If you have N I-dimensional input vectors to classify into one of c independent classes, the size of the input matrix is
[ I N ] = size(input)
corresponding to a target matrix with N c-dimensional 0-1 unit sum vectors
[ c N ] = size(target)
that yields
sum(target) = ones(1,N)
From the info in the question,
c = 51
N = 51*300 = 15,300
Therefore the target matrix has columns from eye(51) with 50 zeros and the single "1" indicates the class.
However, it is not clear from the description what I (the size of the input vectors) is supposed to be.
Hope this helps
Thank you for formally accepting my answer

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