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Analysis of Surface Roughness

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uma shankar
uma shankar on 21 Jan 2018
Commented: Kristi Nani on 8 Jun 2021
Hi All,
I am looking for analyzing the surface roughness both 2D and 3D from set of coordinate values. Is there any tool in MATLAB that can help me plot roughness profiles (2D and 3D) and measure the profile parameters such as Ra, Rz, Rt, etc.? Please help me if you have any MATLAB code to do this.
With regards, Uma Shankar
Mohannad Alsheikh Essa
Mohannad Alsheikh Essa on 23 Apr 2021
Have you got some Idea related to this Topic?
I have the same problem
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 23 Apr 2021
@Mohannad Alsheikh Essa, again "Yes", just like I told @Avdheshkumar Kakadiya earlier. Did either of you see my answer below? It was accepted. The formulas are simple to implement with the functions I listed. You could also see immse().

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 21 Jan 2018
You can use functions like sqrt(), mean(), etc. Most of the formulas are pretty simple.
uma shankar
uma shankar on 24 Jan 2018
Thanks. This is helpful. regards
Kristi Nani
Kristi Nani on 8 Jun 2021
What about the extraction and waveness though? The roughness measurement would be wrong if the waveness is not removed from the main profile.

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Jerry Zhang
Jerry Zhang on 4 May 2018
Hey, have you worked out this code for analyzing surface roughness? Could you give me some suggestions using MATLAB for this topic? Thank you!


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